Who would have thought that a few years ago this beauty would rarely even be caught in a two-piece bathing suit at the beach?  Lucky for the fitness industry, someone saw in her the beauty and strength it would take to quickly climb the fitness ladder, and become one of Canada’s top IFBB Pro Bikini athlete’s.
Inspired by the tough love of her mother, Justine is grounded and driven by the actions and words from her mom.  She proudly glows about her mother’s own drive, determination and that indeed her mothers’ goal oriented mentality is what motivates her.
“My mother says, all things come to people who work hard…can’t sit back and wait for things to come to you. Got to go after it! Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t control. Have fun along the way!”
And that is exactly what Justine has done.  With her trainer Kim Oddo, Justine has not only racked up quite a list of top placing’s in over 14 competitions.  She had the honour and prestige of being the only Canadian Bikini athlete at both the Arnolds and Olympia in 2011, placing top 10 at both elite competitions.  Though the rewards to her hard work didn’t stop there.  Justine recently graced the covers of top fitness magazines, Muscle & Fitness HERS and FitnessRX for Women.  This Canadian gem is taking over the fitness world, and let me know that she also holds a secret of even more exciting news to come!
She is more than just a pretty face
What makes Justine so special is her warm heart, and desire to help others.  While she admits that she had to not only loose 25lbs to get on stage for the first time, she also had to learn about balance, surrounding yourself with positive people, and that it is okay to take time for yourself and do the things you love, midst the intense training lifestyle of a fitness competitor.  These experiences she encountered, she now desires to share with others, saying her own largest obstacle to over come during her competitive career was to, find a healthy medium.
I always say it takes a lot of hard work to get where you are but a very short period of time to ruin it. Everyone says “how do you stay in shape all the time?” Well I’m only human, I like to eat too you know. We all battle it and I’m not shy to admit it! Finding that happy & healthy medium is important so that you can live a happy well balanced life.”
In a world where she is a role model to young women, her honesty is truly appreciated.  She is motivated by her fans, and friends who use her as their own inspiration, and always hopes to give back to others, the same way people such as her mother and her trainer Kim Oddo have done for her.
A few tips to other athletes
While Justine stresses that from the get go to ensure you are training with a reputable and respected trainer, whom works with fitness athletes. There is a lightness to her advice as well, saying:
Never stop being YOU! Bring your own personality to the stage and rock it like no one else’s business!”
Fun is her motto, and this bubbly, energetic athlete brings a sparkle to the stage with her grace and confidence.  The confidence that comes from the realization that,
“You cannot control how the other girls will look, you can’t control how the judges are going to judge, BUT …YOU can control how you look and how YOU present yourself!”
The team at the Toronto Pro SuperShow are honoured and excited to have Toronto native Justine Munro stepping on stage this year!
Written by Melissa Shadd

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