Holy Cow SNOW!
We were originally supposed to get a snow storm on Wednesday…
I was doing my grocery shopping before our weekly Sunday Cook off, and literally was in the grocery store for half an hour.  This is what greeted me when I went back to my car!

Seriously, That was a LOT of snow!!…..all I have to ask is, “We are a few days closer to spring.. right!?!”

I have to say January just FLEW by.  I’m excited as I step into February.  Its a new month, full of new beginnings, new focuses and getting out there and striving to reach new HEIGHTS!

That being said, I was feeling a little in the slumps over the past few weeks, and that’s just not me.  I’m usually in a good place, focused and dedicated.  I’m not sure if it was the cold weather that made me want to just stay cuddled up in my house, or if I was just over all run down.  My vision board was blurry, my training was not in full effect and I was feeling a little motivationally-dehydrated, needed to be re-fulled with some Positive Affirmations….

My husband sat me down and took his turn at being the Motivator and the “enforcer” lol.
He saw in me that I was “dipping low”

….and not like Christina Milian did into a pile of mud wearing nothing but a corset and Fishnet pantie hose…(I still love that song though.. LOL).. okay back to my point…..

My energy levels were dipping low, and I needed to refuel.  He reminded me what I was doing all of this for, why I am going back to school, that we have a family 1 year, 5 year and 10 year plan, and right now my travelling job plays a large role in that.  He then walked me over to my Vision board and said.. “That’s YOU”

Some times we all need that.

I have received some emails, messages and even calls where close friends, acquaintances or people that have seen my own transformation, or I have spoken to at seminars tell me, I motivate them.  I cant stress how important it is, that I have people in my life that motivate me.  Sometimes I need them to give it to me raw, and not “trim the hedges” to make their answer or advice sound pretty.  I need that.
As I close, and head into February, I have to admit already I am on that path I set out to in the beginning of the year, and I have to believe in myself and when times get tough, rough, rugged and raw.. I need to suck it up, and maybe even re-read some of my own advice.

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