With all the latest news on the dangers of BPA its a wonder that there are only a few companies that can in BPA free material.


The cost is the most obvious reason. The average cost of using a BPA Free can is 2.2 cents more than the average cans.

So what is all the hype about BPA?

In studies conducted over the past 20 years, scientists have detected BPA in breast milk, serum, saliva, urine, amniotic fluid, and cord blood Here is a full article DANGERS of BPA lining.

I have summarized some main points in my post here—>> “What’s Up With The B-P-A???”

Luckily though there is a company, Eden Organic, that does make this their practice, and they have for over 10 years. We use these cans, especially when I am making meals for our little man. As always though, make sure you rinse off anything canned to get rid of the excess sodium.