This weekend was a very special one for my husband, and our family.


For those of you who don’t know, over 4 years ago my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I will never forget the day.  For weeks, he was complaining about vertigo, numbness and tingling.  One day he called me saying he was going to emerge because it was spreading into his chest.  After hours and endless tests, nothing was found.  Until two weeks later from his MRI, where he was diagnosed.

The diagnosis was a dagger to my heart.  I knew a little ,but I didn’t know enough.  It changed our lives for ever.  We approached this diagnoses however with our minds open to alternative options than immediately starting a steroid/medical intervention.  This decision had mixed reviews.  Dr’s said things like,

“you obviously don’t know what your doing”

“You want your husband to be blind by the end of the year?”

“Call me when he is having issues walking…”

The dagger dug deeper, and I was nervous and scared.  But  each day Shaun proved to beat all the odds, he would BEAT what every Doctor said.  He cleaned up his diet, got back into a physical routine, and started a strong nutritional supplementation program to keep his inflammation down and strengthen his immune system.



To say Shaun is shy is an understatement.  My favourite storey about him,, as a child was that he would send his little brother into a variety store with his money to buy him candy, because he was to shy to do it. He is quiet and humble.  To hear him say one day he was going to walk on stage, not only shocked me, but blew me away!

And just that he did.



After being diagnosed with something that could have taken his ability to train to the intensity he would need in order to compete, Shaun put his faith in God, us and a natural approach to healing. To know that even at times when his legs are numb or he lost feeling in parts of his body, and he still pushed through, and took the right steps to keep his MS under control, makes me SO proud.

This past weekend, he stepped on stage and competed in a men’s physique natural bodybuilding competition among over 20 other amazing physiques, and he smiled and he had amazing presentation and he took home FOURTH!


From this I want to remind everyone reading this that life is a precious gift, and that each day we are handed cards.  We ultimately choose how to play our hand.

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