One area that I focus on due to my background in nutrition is the importance of proper pediatric nutritional support. I could listen to someone talk for hours about the infants immune system, and the interesting things with regards to the way they neurologically and digestively grow.

Did you know that infants are born with tiny holes in their intestines. This is why some times they are so sensitive and fussy with thing like dairy because the dairy can permeate through the small holes and cause irritation in their baby bodies. Its also why the recommendation to starts solids has moved from 3 months to at the earliest 6 months, and now some doctors are saying even 12 months, to make sure they have the best chance at a strong life and immune system. Because the digestive system is so closely linked to our immune system.

I do not personally feel that children that eat a variety of food all day require a multivitamin. (unless they are a very picky eater)
But I do think there are some great Smart Start Builders that should be in a mommies cupboards and fridges.

Naturally Fit Mom Approved SMART START Builders:

baby supplements for development


DHA can only be found in fish or algae.  You want a high quality DHA, and if you are supplementing during infancy do not use formula with DHA added, because it is not regulated and could be in a dangerous farmed-fish form.  Purchase a liquid form.  DHA is found in mothers milk, but not cows milk and the importance of this fat in relation to infants’ neuro-development during the first two years is huge!

  • DHA plays a role in the structure and function of neural tissues, most notably those of the retina (eyes) and brain
  • Infants with the highest DHA levels and had the highest visual activity scores at the ages of 2 and 12 months.
  • Performance IQ scores of the children who were fed the DHA during infancy were a full four points higher than the un-supplemented group


These billions of good bacteria buddies help with digestion. They help baby to absorb minerals and other sorts of nutrients. They help to synthesize vitamins. They even help to provide something of a barrier against harmful substances. Pro-biotics can even help to boost the immune system. Please see the points below (they are hyper linked to an article) for the largest benefits to baby.

“Pro-biotic children were also 30% less likely than their untreated counterparts to develop an itchy skin condition known as atopic eczema”

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin, but with children being indoors more than out, and wearing layers of sunscreen while they are outside, even at the end of the summer months most Canadians are still deficient in Vitamin D! 

  • Bone development
  • Immune health (vitamin D increases natural killer cells to protect body from immune break down) *Learn more about Vitamin D and help during Cold and Flu Season*

As with anything, check with a doctor or natural holistic nutritionist that specializes in paediatrics.
xo in Health,