A lot of people asked me about what nutritional suppliments I took after I had my daughter while still working out and indeed losing some of that baby weight.  So, over the next few weeks, I am going to review the main supplements that I took in my baby weight loss journey!

I only used ATP (Athletic Therapeutic Pharma) the entire time, and I had some pretty phenomenal results.

The reason why I chose this line was due to its purity, simple and effective ingredients and lack of fillers.  As a nursing mommy I wanted to ensure what was fuelling me was going to be safe for babe, while still beneficial for mom.

MYTH You cannot lose weight and gain muscle at the same time

Here are two bod pod test results I did at AIM Health Clinic over 6 months :

*Note BodPod bodyfat test results have an over 90% accuracy, which is better than calipers which averages at 40-50% accuracy*


Dec 2013 

 Jun 2014


171 lbs

153 lbs

Bodyfat %

29.7 %

19% %

Lean Body Mass  120.2 lbs

123.93 lbs 

Body fat lbs  50.8 lbs 2 9.07 lbs

So not only did I lose nearly 20lbs of bodyfat, I also put on almost 4lbs of muscle!

Since I was breastfeeding, I was very limited to supplements but here was my regime:

  • ATP New Zeleand Whey Protein
  • ATP Fish Oil : Omega3
  • ATP Vitamin D
  • ATP Magnesium
  • ATP Total Defence Multivitamin

IBCAAlime-petit   NzW-petit11Omega3L-vign1    D3-petit

Today I am going to specifically cover the IBCAA’s s and why I started off this post with my weight loss/muscle retention point.

IBCAA’s (Instantized Branched Chain Amino Acids)


Key Features

  • Ajipure amino acids by Ajinomoto, the world’s top sourced supplier and the highest quality amino acids worldwide
  • 100% Pure
  • Instantly soluble and fully absorbable,  unlike standard BCAA’s
  • No artificial sweeteners or colouring
  • No taste. It mixes well into water, protein powder or smoothie

Relative Functions

  • Bcaas (valine, leucine and isoleucine) are the primary aminos responsible for muscle synthesis, preventing muscle breakdown,  and are an excellent non-stimulant/non-hormonal source of muscle endurance
  • Highly beneficial  in reducing muscle soreness and recuperation
  • Buffers lactic acid

Why I LOVED this (as an athlete and a mommy)

View More: http://aliciathurston.pass.us/diapersandlipgloss


  • This is a pure and clean way to get in BCAA’s, that I did not have to worry about while nursing my baby
  • It allowed me to retain and eventually BUILD muscle while losing my baby weight
  • At times, I had to do a morning workout or cardio right after nursing my baby, and before eating (basically before my daughter would wake up again).  I would drink these back while training to prevent muscle loss
  • Already tired and slow with recovery from nursing, late nights and being a busy mom, the IBCAA’s helped me with my recovery time and helping mommy be more efficient at everything I did!
  • While training some times I would feel dips in my glycogen and once I started taking BCAA’s, due to the Isoleucine in this formula, I was able to regulate my glycogen levels again
  • The PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING.  By adding in these BCAA’s I was able to maintain and INCREASE my muscle mass while still losing a large amount of weight.
  • The last thing I noticed was in my body composition.  In previous years I did not supplement with BCAA’s.  I feel personally the addition of the BCAA’s has helped me maintain my muscle mass, and where previous times that I would lose weight, I would not lose it proportionately.  Mostly in my upper body and last in my hips.  This time around I noticed a gradual and symmetrical weight lost in my upper and lower half!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment!



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