IF you haven't heard yet, working out is a great past time.  I actually whole heartedly feel that is shouldn't even be considered a past time, rather a necessity in your weekly regime to ensure you reap all the benefits.
I know I may sound redundant, but the benefits of physical activity or no longer deniable.

What are a few?
1) Physical activity of any kind promotes the movement of blood through out your body
2) It prevents the wasting of muscles, and helps you to sit/stand upright –preventing the 'age slouch'
3) Your heart is happy when your physically in shape, because it does not have to work has hard to pump that blood through your veins
4) Your mind is happy, it is proven that working out releases 'good feeling hormones' that help you to be chipper, energetic and more able to make it through your day without a 3pm crash

Knowing these important facts, I wanted to take this over to another topic of consideration.  Working out while pregnant.

I have heard some mothers say they worry about 'pushing weights' in the gym after finding out that they were pregnant, especially while in the first trimester.  Recently a study was released out of Michigan State

Results suggest that not only is resistance exercise safe, but the study also found that weight lifting may help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes pregnancy, induced hypertension and weight control.

SO how do you get 'working on your Mommy fitness?  Especially if you were not very active previous to getting pregnant? Here are some great tips from Michigan State University Kinesiology Professor,  Dr. Jim Pivarnik

  • Start slow and build up to your goal.
  • Work out with a friend, or a group of friends (bring your stroller if you need to!).
  • Find a group exercise class – many options, such as yoga, Pilates, or Zumba, will improve both cardio and muscular strength.
  • Sneak physical activity into daily life by taking a 10-minute walk at lunch or during breaks.
  • Find exercises to do at home with resistance bands, so you can work out while the kids are napping.

Another great idea is to follow other moms who are into fitness, reach out and ask for some workout tips or buddy up with a trainer for a few sessions to make sure your work outs are baby and mommy safe. I know places such as Anytime Fitness have great programs specifically for moms.

What ever it is you decide to do, make sure you check with a doctor before starting any program and are always safe in your workouts.