During the beginning of my Vegan adventures I travelled with my husband to restaurants all over the place to prove the many doubters wrong.  There were and are a ton of tasty vegan treats (sans any animal products such as eggs, dairy or meat)
Here are a few of my favourite tasty treates:
June 24th: My birthday.  This was my first ever Vegan cake.  And it was my favourite kind, Black Forrest!  It was delicious, moist, jaw dropingly amazing!

For my birthday weekend my husband and I drove out to London and ate at a small little Vegan joint down town.  The sad part was that the food was so delicious I forgot to take a picture. So these meals are basically done.  On my plate however was sweet potato fries with a chipolte veganaise dip, and a Thai peanut chickpea burger on a sourdough bun.  Finger licking good!

This is at one of my favourite local restaurants.  THRIVE, in the Waterloo Bauer lofts.  Johnnie and Stephy there are two of the most amazing people, who truly believe in a holistic and healthy life style, but that food should still be tasty.  They have tons of yummy shakes that I always sip on, even if I have a flu or Im tired, there is a shake for that! 😉  This is a vegan chocolate avocado mouse cake on a date/almond crust.  OMG it was so yummy hunny!!!

One thing that shocked me was that I found another vegan restaurant just a few miles down King Street, on Charles St, in Kitchener.  Cafe Pyrus is a beautiful addition to our town with foods that are organic, local, vegan and unique.  They even have a tribute to Justin Bieber on their menu!  Below are Mango wraps and a mango salsa with organic blue corn chip! YUM

This is the last stop on the Vegan memory bus.  When I was in Ohio with my good friend Angela, we stopped at my favourite joint, Chipolte. It has been a tradition of mine to eat at Chipolte in Columbus Ohio every time I go to a bootcamp with my coach.  Well, the first time I went down as an official vegan I was so excited that I could make my entire wrap VEGAN!  I checked it out online and their website directs you to every menu item that is vegan friendly! Cool huh!

Can you tell I am hungry!

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