7 comments on “A note to my friends…and those i love…”

  1. Everyone had their opinion…but it’s only yours for youself and your family that count:). Nothing wring with education and bettering (is that a word?!) yourself! We are that blessed in this world to have that option. Live life to the fullest!!! Love you too gurl!

  2. haha…you used my word “crunchy granola” so I musta called you that at one point. I got called it today for wearing Berkienstocks…LOL.

    As you know I have strong opinions too, you just have to learn the fine line betweeen pushing it too far on others, and letting it go realizing some people are just gonna do what they want no matter how much you wanna help them. It’s hard to let go!

    In the meantime, keep posting recipies πŸ™‚

  3. YES.. I use it all the time now.. ever since we first watched the Ricki Lake movie.. its my fav word. LOL..and dont worry. recipes will follow! xo

  4. Melissa, you don’t need to apologize or defend decisions you make for you and your family. Vegetarian/Vegan diets evoke a similar response that some people’s religious beliefs do. It’s not okay to question or challenge someone’s faith and it not okay to challenge what someone choses to eat. As you said, this is a personal decision. I know enough about you – your heart and your brain – that you will always make healthy choices for your son, your husband and your family. That is all that people need to know.

    That being said, if people challenge you and you don’t want to get into details just tell them that life threatening allergies have caused you to make this choice. That is usually one they can’t challenge you on.

  5. Hey girl,
    Thanks so much for the support, and for the motivating comments! Your very right. And at the end of the day what is most important is that everyone is happy and healthy!

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