This past weekend, we threw our son a McQueen themed 3rd birthday party.  When I say he LOVES the movie CARS, I mean LOVES.  He races around the house and says 'screeeech' when he is turning corners.  He was a race car driver for halloween, and sleeps with his cars lined beside him in bed.  So I thought it was only right that my little prince got a Lightening McQueen birthday party this year!

The week leading up to his party I dedicated each night to a different decor piece  cake prep and food shopping.  Here is a small clip of the prep for his birthday!

Race Cars:

I made these out of diaper boxes.

For simple cutting instructions click here: Greene Acres Hobby Farm: Lightning McQueen Cardboard Car Tutorial


1. Sharp scissors or razor knife

2. Box (not to large for toddlers or its too heavy)

3. String- to tie around thier shoulders

4. Spray Paint

5. While Paper

6. Sharpies

I basically looked up a few characters and copied their faces, then made my own and coloured them in with a Sharpie.  I glued on the face to the painted cardboard box, added a personalized license plate to the rear… and TADA!

The Car's movie characters (with some of my own creations)
Lenni and Zion with their Cars at the party, with custom plates 😉

 The Food Table:

For the food items and decor I was inspired by Old School photos. For the “Fuel” or food, I used an old Gas Station sign:

And made this for the RED Rice Cakes:

For the beverages I made and old ROUTE 66 Sign and taped it to each of the Water Jugs.  I also used RACING FLAG duct tape to rap around each of the tin and jugs!


For the table topper, I used Cupboard runners (the rubber kind) from the dollar store.  I bought two 5 foot runner and cut them into squares, I then taped them together from beneathto make a RACE FLAG!

The final DAY of prep (and when I say day, it was a 9am to 7pm adventure) I made my FIRST every Fandant Cake.

Here is the topper before it was finished (note the disaster zone around my cake…as per my friend Nicki, it shows all the hard work!)


Click here to see the final day of the party!

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  1. You are amazing angel!!!
    You floor me daily with you love of our son and how you take care of me with my eating clean (MS), and still keep in shape and look sooo beautiful, Even at 6am with sleep in your eyes.

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