Did you know that only 8% of over 500 sunscreens were approved by the Environment working group?

You can find more information here:

This group provides the informed consumer about the safety rating of skin care products, and with sunscreens they let you know a rating from 0-10 within areas such as:

a) Overall safety

2) Cancer

3) Developmental &  reproductive toxicity
 4) Allergies & immunotoxicity
 5) Use restrictions
Here are 6 things to watch out for when purchasing sun screen

1. SPF rating should not = time in the sun!

Parents put 100 SPF sunscreen on their little ones and seem to feel more comfortable with time in the sun.  This is not the care.  Parents should gage when to reapply the sunscreen by the a) cloud coverage b) time spend in the sun exposed c) skin colour/feel


Vitamin A is great as a vitamin, but not to be applied to skin via creams or lotions.  There is government studies that are showing on your skin vitamin A can increase the chance of tumors and lesions

3. Under 6 months STAY OUT OF THE SUN

Little ones under 6 months cannot wear sun screen any way, so keep their precious skin out of the sun!

4. Stay away from anything with the chemical OXYBENZONE

This is a synthetic estrogen and can effect your little ones reproductive system

5. Most Sun care products do not UVA and UVB in them. Make sure that the one you purchase does!

6. The FDA does not regulate if a sunscreen is made for a child or an adult, so do not get scammed into paying more for a Children’s sunscreen, when there is no difference in the ingredients


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